Hotel Transylvania Party & Update!


This post is much-needed! I am so sorry about not posting & being on here. I have been so swamped with things to do. I have been helping people out & the holiday… All in one! So, I am very sorry.

I will be picking up slack🙂 That is something good, right? I have missed you all! I hope I never get this busy again!

On to the party. On February 3, 2013, I was one of the lucky ones to have been picked to host this party. I did mine on the day of the Super Bowl. Which might have been my downfall. We will get into that later though.

There is this great site called Crowdtap. & I won’t go much into this because I am going to make a post on it! But, in summary, it is a site where you can do questions, earn points, parties, samples, discussion, & more.

There are rules & things to these parties! & you win things for doing more. I love that part. I invited tons of people to this party. Facebook friends, family, friends, etc. But only my true, few showed up. I am grateful to them.

I planned this party rather quick. I was having so much fun doing it, that I didn’t really think of it as party planning. Me & my daughter shopped & made things for hours!

CrowdTap sent me the information through my email. I used most of their suggestions & created things! We made the food they suggested. We had Scream Cheese Dip with Doritos & Fritos. & Green Sludge Punch to drink. They were both really a big HIT !

Me & my daughter got to spend quality time together during this time. We decorated cheap styrofoam cups. We made monsters & things on them for the guests. This was one of my daughter’s favorites! All the kids got to decorate valentines cards.

My daughter gave her card to mommy & daddy🙂 She is so sweet. We all chatted for a while & hung out. Let the kids play.

Then we settled down to watch the movie! I cannot say how awesome this movie was enough! I really enjoyed it! Actually everyone did. From the babies to the oldies🙂

Answers to some of the questions:

  • Mavis makes the cutest little sad bat face to her dad Dracula. Does your little one have a look that just makes you want to do whatever they say? MY DAUGHTER DOES DO A “FACE”🙂 SHE LOWERS HER HEAD & MAKES HER LIPS QUIVER! AND IT GETS ME EVERYTIME!
  • Dracula throws an awesome 118th birthday party for Mavis. Were there elements of her party that you wish you could have for your own birthday party or your child’s party? I WOULD LOVE TO THROW A MONSTER PARTY! MY DAUGHTER, NOT SO MUCH! SHE IS INTO PRINCESS & MINNIE! BUT, IT WOULD BE REALLY AWESOME TO HAVE A BAND OF MONSTERS PLAYING & MUMMIES WALKING AROUND SERVING DRINKS🙂
  • Both Mavis & Dracula have some awesome vampire powers. For example, they can both turn into bats.Which one of their powers do you wish you could have? WHILE TURNING INTO A BAT WOULD BE PRETTY AWESOME. I HAVE TO SAY THE MEMORY ERASING POWER THAT DRACULA HAS WOULD BE THE BEST OPTION FOR ME!🙂 THAT WOULD BE A SWEET POWER!

Overall, we all had a very nice time. & gave the kids time to play with each other. It was a get together we all needed!

I just wanted to say thank you to CrowdTap for choosing me to host this wonderful party! & say thanks to everyone who came🙂

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my very first hosted party🙂 I really had a blast doing this! I cannot wait for another one🙂

Have you ever hosted a party? Do you know what CrowdTap is? Tell me more…



Hotel Transylvania Facebook Page. 

CrowdTap Facebook Page. 

I won !!!! You should check it out🙂


Hello Jewels,

And the one lucky girl is: Jgann22 of Everything under the sun and more!


Congrats Jessica please email us at with your address for the love beaded bracelet from our giveaway.

Part of the fun of designing jewelry is making many women happy especially on Valentine’s Day, as cliché as it is, you can never go wrong with jewelry. Today I delivered a couple of designs to a gentleman for his Valentine, and over the weekend at my event the men were definitely buying, and we also made one lucky girl very happy today.

Happy Valentine’s Day Jewels!


With love,

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Wherever there …

Wherever there is a human being, I see God-given rights inherent in that being, whatever may be the sex or complexion. – William Lloyd Garrison

Quote of the Day #45 (Black History Quote #10)


FishTail Braid :) (My Favorite)

Ok, Today I am going to “teach” the FishTail Braid! This is one of my favorites! I love all types of braids. But, this one tops them all! It is easy & very pretty🙂

As always … here is the before pic :



And since I am unable to make videos for you all right now, I will just give you the link to the video that taught me how to do it🙂

Here is the link….

I started to take pictures… But, it just wasn’t what I wanted! So, I figured it would help you all a little more to “see” what was happening. But, this is super easy. I did it my first try! (Though this was about a year ago) I loke it because you can make this style really messy or you can make it very sleek:) I chose messy! As always. But, I do wear it sleek as well. I wear it sleek to job interviews, church events, pictures, etc. This is just for everyday look! Oh Yea! Messy= dry hair & Sleek= wet hair!

Here are a few pictures of my finished look :
















And there it is ! Sorry about the quality of the pictures! I hate when it is so gloomy & dark. But… I have no control over that! I have just got to get better lighting in my house!

I hope you all enjoy! Have you ever tried to do this? Will you try this? Do you know how to do this? I would love to know🙂

If there is no …

If there is no struggle, there is no progress. – Frederick Douglass

Quote of the Day #44 (Black History Quote #9)


February Blog Challenge. Day 7-9.



Day 7 – Favorite photo of you & your friends. 

What an easy topic to do!🙂 I love showing you all a glimpse into my life! It makes me think you understand me a little more🙂

This picture was taken in 2008. With 2 of my bestest friends. Kristin & Tara. We don’t really talk anymore! But, I still love em🙂


Here is another one… Me & Kristin… I wish I had updated ones. I haven’t really hung out with anyone since becoming a mommy🙂


And here is the one with Me & the BESTEST Best Friend in the whole wide world!!! My love!


I hope you all enjoy that🙂 I promise to update you with more recent pics of me & my friends🙂

Day 8 – What’s inside your handbag? 

Boy will this one be boring😦 I’m sorry guys. Bear with me… I thought I had somewhat of an interesting life. I guess not so much.

I do have a purse. But, I do not take it everywhere. BORING ! The reason for that being…. I think I might forget it some where.

All I have in it is… My Bible, pens, highlighters, wallet (unless I am using it), “important papers”, Carmex, medicine that I am supposed to take, coupons, & some more bull.

And that is it. I really enjoy my bible being in my purse. I feel like it basically goes where ever I go !

Day 9 – The meaning behind your blog name. 

Let me start with this… It took me months to come up with a name. I am not very good at these things. That is one of the main reasons I held off for so long. Stupid, I know. But, I didn’t want a corny name!

I prayed about it & prayed about it. And one day, it just hit me…. Everything under the Sun & more! It sounded stupid to me. But, the more I thought about it… The more it fit! I don’t want to stick with just a couple of things to write about or do! I want to do all kinds of things. So, I made my blog title fit that!!!

I hope it is a good title…🙂 How did you guys come up with yours… I’m curious🙂

Februaury Blog Challenge: Day 3-6.



Day 3 – My Dream House ! 

Hmmm, I have spent a lot of time thinking about this! My whole life, pretty much! But, I do not have anything set in stone yet. There are so many things I would like to add & subtract. Make & buy. Rent or own. Etc. I can’t really make up my mind.

But, I do know that I love the style of the Brady’s house! Such a beautiful home, isn’t it? Nice place to grow up. I want a winding staircase. Oh, how I would love a beautiful entry! Flowers everywhere. Fake ones for decoration… Real ones in the kitchen!

I want my kitchen to be very spacious. Up to date with everything. The best of everything. I want an island in the center. My pans hanging above it… or maybe not? I want secret doors, leading off to other rooms🙂

I need it to be BIG !!!! Go big or go home, right? I need a huge walk in closet. My daughter will need one as well….🙂 An attic made into a theater room. Is that a bit much?

But, out of everything, I want my house to be filled with love & respect. I want to have good times in this home. After all, Home is what you make it!

Here is a link to my Pinterest board. I keep it very updated! Here is where I keep most of my ideas. I cannot wait! I really want to build a house! To make sure it has everything me & my family wants & needs🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading about my dream home. And be sure to click the link & follow me on Pinterest🙂

Day 4 – If you could have one Superpower, what would it be & why? 

Tough question. I would looove to have all kinds of superpowers. All in one! But, the topic didn’t ask for that, now did it? LOL!

I would like to have flying, telekinesis, super fast, etc. I would even settle for some lame ones.🙂 Probably nothing to with fire though. I am very scared of fire. I haven’t fully figured out why, yet.

I guess I would choose Super Strength. Like the woman off of Hancock. (If you haven’t, you should!) I have several reasons why this would suit me so well🙂

I would always be able to protect my daughter, my family. That is the main reason. I am a protector. A shield right now. If I had super strength, I wouldn’t know what to do! I would help other people as well. Try & end some of this chaotic world’s tragedies. (War & racism… to name a few)

I would use it recreationally as well. I would go to the gym & show out!🙂 I would carry my daughter everywhere! Oh, how much fun I could have with this. I would go play at the park with the other kids….

I would share my SuperPower. I wouldn’t keep it a secret. Like in all the comics & movies. I hope you enjoyed. What would you choose?

Day 5 – Name one brand of clothing that best describes your style. 

This one is a no brainer! I mean, literally. I had to do no thinking for this one! I will keep this one short. It would be kind of drag if I made a big story out of this!

Apple Bottoms! I love their clothing. Their style. This is a clothing line made from Nelly. (A southern rapper) All their clothes & shoes & purses…. Everything! I love it all.

I like how their pants fit me. I am very short & thick… if you will🙂 And their pants always fit me just right. They were made for woman like me. Their winter boot line is always a must see for me. I like boots with the fur. And they always have lots🙂

What brand would you choose?

Day 6 – List 10 people you could have dinner with. (Dead or Alive) Include menu. 

OOOh, this should be fun….🙂

  1. My grandma Donna. – She passed in 2000. A very lovely woman! 
  2. My father, David. – Great man. If I can get him out of the house to come.
  3. My fiance, Marcus. – He would have to come🙂
  4. My daughter, Ja’Mya. – What kind of day would it be without my daughter?
  5. Marilyn Monroe. – There are so many things I am dying to know!!! I just have to ask her!
  6. My papaw David. – He passed a couple of months ago. I just really need to talk to him. There are many things I never got to tell him.
  7. Minnie Mouse. – This one is for my daughter. She would be thrilled if she came to dinner with us!
  8. My fiance mother, Amy. – She knows how to get everyone talking. Make it a good time!
  9. My good friend Asia. – We are trying to get our business up & going. And we could take a break for once. This is why I have been so busy lately !
  10. God. – I saved the best for last. I wanna talk to him face to face. I have loads of questions. I cannot wait to meet him & ask & hug him !

The menu:

If I make it…. It will be something really easy like Spaghetti🙂

If I buy…. I would buy, a smorgasboard! Everything & anything on it! Never ending🙂

Goodbye bloggers. Talk to you soon🙂

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